The Black Experience

Before the most recent black movement protests and killings of black people, I wasn’t aware. I didn’t realize how disadvantaged and exploited the black experience is. As an Asian male, I thought: “I know racism exists in the society, but that applies to all races and ethnicities, like my own.”

One thing I learned recently is how black men are scared of getting stopped by the police. And sometimes the only thing they want out of the situation is to “get out alive”. As a driver, after being pulled over by police, I never had to worry about “getting out alive”. It just seems an absurd idea, I didn’t believe it ’til I heard it the 3rd or 4th time, being described so vividly.

We hear about these experiences and then extrapolate them to situations we’ve witnessed, where a black person has been mishandled. The most infamous, recent example is George Floyd. The fact that the officers caught on video were so unapologetic, forceful in their actions was showing in itself. We have no choice but to accept the stories of the black people speaking out and to listen to their stories.

Below are a few podcast references that have helped shape my view. It’s not a complete list but it covers most bases.

  • The JJ Redick Podcast feat. Malcolm Brogdon
  • The JJ Redick Podcast feat. Jamal Crawford
  • The Tim Ferriss Show feat. Coach George Raveling
  • The Window podcast episodes: “No Room for Error”, “This Time is Different”
  • The Woj Pod feat. Lloyd Pierce and Quin Snyder
  • TED Talks feat. Dr. Phillip Goff, Rashad Robinson, Dr. Bernice King, Anthony D.Romero

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